Ben Roethlisberger Should Not Be Drafted Or Taken in Any 2010 Fantasy Football Auction

The title to this post is a bold declaration and there will be very few fantasy football leagues in which someone does not draft him or bid on him. There are some league formats that it will make sense. But for the format Fantasy Fortunes bases it analysis on Ben should not be taken. He should be added a few weeks into the season by someone who needs a QB for weeks 7-14. Ben will be almost unplayable come playoff time as he plays the Jets week 15 and the Panthers week 16. The number #1 and #4 pass defenses from 2009.

For leagues which are unconventional in there roster sizes and that start multiple QBs he will be in play and of course for dynasty leagues he is still very relevant. For 10 and 12 team leagues that only start one QB and limit your bench to 5-6 players Roethlisberger is not worth the roster spot for the first few weeks let alone worth a draft pick or a dollar in an auction.

What you give up by carrying him for เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง ufabet 6 weeks is opportunity costs. For leagues with a healthy waiver wire it is too costly to not be holding strong prospects on your bench. Roethlisberger’s spot can mean you can’t carry that handcuff to your RB or you don’t have the spot to add the breakout WR the week before he breaks out. In poker this is called implied odds. It’s not just the money in the pot but the potential money in the pot.

I am a big proponent of building a team that peaks in the playoffs. Of course you have to get there first but with Ben the playoff matchups are so bad that even if he was not suspended I would have a hard time giving up much for him.

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